David Troice 

México, CDMX



Mexican plastic artist and designer. Born in El Paso, Texas. (1990)

His whole life he had a fascination for paper and its possibilities. From the age of five he made paper airplanes and an endless number of origami figures. This, along with his love for creation led him to study Industrial Design, entering the Ibero-American University of Mexico City in January 2010.  


In the third year, his love for art and music grew and he decided to move to Boston, Massachusetts to finish school and start his studies as an artist. There, he soaked up several creative minds and joined  

the metal casting team, key moment in his life as an artist because it was where he melted his first piece of origami in iron (a rose), leading to endless experiments which are the basis of his work today. In 2015 he graduated obtaining a Bachelor in Fine Arts.  


His current residence is Mexico City, and he dedicates himself to making sculptural works and murals, composed of intrinsic pieces of origami, a paper folded in geometric patterns and molded with mud, and emptied in resin with graphite; giving as a result complex textures that play with the light and the space.


2018      Paralelas Contemporáneas, Oscar Roman, CDMX, Mexico

2017      Art House Tulum, Hotel Boutique de arte, Tulum, México

2017      Venta anual de arte contemporáneo, Grupo de los 16, CDMX, México

2017      Límites Expandidos, Art Cage, CDMX, Mexico

2017      Studio 91, Fenomena, CDMX, México

2017      Arte Por México, Fenomena, CDMX, Mexico

2017      Sincretismos, Art Cage, CDMX, Mexico

2016      Venta anual de arte contemporáneo, Grupo de los 16, CDMX, México

2016      Design House, Design week México, CDMX, México

2014      Art Bassel Miami, LMNT, Miami, E.U.A

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