Juan Pablo Vidal

México, CDMX.



Juan Pablo Vidal´s work provides an anthropological view of everyday objects, which prior to his encounter with the artist, have often been discarded by todays society. In order to eliminate the notion of waste, objects experience a transmutation when manipulated. Therefore, Vidal assumes the role of a transcendental agent of the constitutive synthesis of reality. Thus we can understand his artistic work as the minimal gesture of idealization that makes it possible to cope with the unrest of reality. Through 

simple processes to execute, the works of Vidal refuse to be one  more form among mundane objects. Consequently, they are freed from the values ​​that have been repressed by the boredom of contemporary society. The real enigma in Vidal's work is how an "everyday" object manages to hide its everyday life in order to negotiate a fragile balance between the image of a work of art and its origin, avoiding the predetermined destiny that had turned them into waste.


Solo Shows

2015      CC186, México DF, What is old may one day be new again


Group Shows

2016      Public Art Projects, México DF, DH

2016      Public Art Projects, México DF, SET

2015      Public Art Projects, México DF, DEMOLER

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